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Edward McDonnell 30th August 1883 – 11th January 1975.

Edward McDonnell 30th August 1883 – 11th January 1975.

Edward was born on 30th August 1883 in Myton, Kingston Upon Hull, Hull, England at 1 Hutchinsons Place to Peter McDonnell, and Elizabeth Ann McDonnell (nee Ayre)

In 1891 (Age: 8) He was living at 1 Medley Square in Drypool, Yorkshire, England with his parents, and three brothers and his sister. He was a scholar.

On 14th August 1897 is mother Elizabeth Ann dies from acute hepatitis aged 43 years.

In 1901 (Age: 18) Edward is living with his sister and her husband, and their three children at 1 Ivy Cottages Southcoates Lane Sculcoates, Yorkshire, England. Also living with their sister are Edwards three brothers.

On 12th June 1905 (Age: 21) Edward marries Alice Dixon at St Andrews, Drypool, Kingston Upon Hull. He is a Labourer living at 63 Crowle Street in Drypool at the time.

Between 1905 and 1910 Edward and Alice have three sons and move to 10 Wilfred Terrace, Raven Street Hull Sculcoates Kingston Upon Hull Yorkshire England. Edward is a Ship Yard Labourer.

On 21st April 1910 Edward’s father Peter dies from Acute Bronchitis

On 5th December 1913 (Age: 30) Edward leaves Hull and departs from London to Australia aboard the Omrah. Two of his brothers also leave for Australia around the same time.

On 2nd December 1915 (Age: 32) Edward enlists in the Australian Imperial Force at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Edward is described on enlistment as being 33 years and 3 months. 5 feet and 4 inches. 132 ½ lb. His chest measures 35 – 37 ½ inches. His complexion is sallow, his eyes blue and hair brown. His religious denomination is C of E. He has a vaccination on his right forearm and a scar on his right shin. He has a tattoo of three dots on his lower forearm, and three moles. On 2nd May 1916 (Age: 32) he is discharged from Australian Imperial Force as medically unfit.

From 1930 to 1954 Edward lived in New South Wales in Lord Street and May Street according to the electoral rolls.


1930 (Age: 47)

107 Lord Street Camdenville, Cook, New South Wales, Australia

Boiler Attendant


1933 (Age: 50)

107 Lord Street Camdenville, Cook, New South Wales, Australia

Boiler Attendant


1943 (Age: 60)

58 May Street, St Peters, Cook, New South Wales, Australia



1949 (Age: 66)

58 May Street, St Peters, Grayndler, New South Wales, Australia



1954 (Age: 71)

58 May Street, St Peters, Grayndler, New South Wales, Australia


Edward McDonnell died on 11 January 1975 (Age: 91) in Peakhurst, New South Wales, Australia.

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Ok so yes it is about time I update this!!

I have been really excited about getting in touch with my Dad's cousin and actually meeting up with her and her husband :o) We had such a fantastic day together!!

I have been going great guns with the McDonnell's and have found out that Edward McDonnell who emigrated to Australia in about 1913 died in a Sydney suburb called Peakhurst in 1975. It looks likely he remarried and had a son. I think there are links to Newtown and Peakhurst, but there is, as ever, more investigating to do!! Would really love to hear from anyone who finds this blog searching for the above!!

Still looking for more information on Frederick Taylor b 1873 in Sunderland. I found him in 1911 but living with his children and parents after the death of his first wife Elizabeth Ellen Bell in 1906. I am told he remarried and had further Taylor children but have been unable to find them as yet......it's possible he never actually married but just lived with his "second wife".

Still no sign of William Murrell b 1873 despite the LMA records coming onto Ancestry!! Still can't prove either way the French/Bethnal Green connection. I'm thinking maybe he also remarried as did Margaret Georgina Coutts but I've yet to find it!!! TBH he could have gone anywhere after 1901 (ish) I found Grandma Coutts in 1911 enumerated as Lisle but still no sign of her in 1901.

Found some great info on baptism's and marriages' on the LMA records though :o)

All for now!!

SJ x x x x

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Tracing the McDonnell's Forwards - Part 2

Original post


The 1911 Census now has Durham and Yorkshire online, so I went digging for more information on the McDonnell's.

On my previous post I had some McDonnell children which were possibly part of my tree but didn't know where they lived. I've now managed to trace a few of them using the 1911 census and it would seem two of them were my grandfather's brothers!

Charles McDonnell - Q2 1906 Sculcoates 9d 227

Albert Edward McDonnell - Q3 1906 Sculcoates 9d 196 [Married Emily C Booth 1929 St Philips (Bilton Grange) Hull]

Louis Desmond McDonnell - Q1 1909 Sculcoates 9d 193 [Married Ellen Parker 1933 St Andrew (Drypool) Hull]

Charles, Albert and Louis are now all accounted for and do belong in my tree.

Lily McDonnell - Q2 1909 Sculcoates 9d 198 [Married Frank Stainforth 1933 St Andrew (Drypool) Hull]

Robert William - Q3 1909 Sculcoates 9d 209

Henry Albert McDonnell - Q1 1907 Sculcoates 9d 186 [Married Nellie Tait 1930 Sculcoates Register Offices Hull?]

Lily, Robert and Henry are still on the "to find" list.

It would seem that Albert Edward McDonnell and Emily Booth had at least one child, Horace E McDonnell.

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While waiting for the 1911 Census to upload East Ridings and Durham online I've been looking at both sides of my family tree...........I am convinced one day my son will be interested and not just sigh and roll his eyes at the mention of it!

Anyway I've been looking into William Murrell....again!!! I've contacted a couple of people on Ancestry who I've found to have a possible match....watch this space!!

I've also been looking at the Permain side of the tree and found a possible link that goes back to Hampshire. I'm waiting on a birth certificate at the moment and then it's full steam ahead to see what else I can find! William Permain was an upholsterer....it seems after he was a soldier, and a lodging house keeper in Kensington. He married a Caroline Burford, born in Ross Herefordshire, in 1868. Caroline died in 1879 and William went on to marry Emily Halbeard who was born in Birmingham in 1840. William's father was Thomas, and I believe his mother was Elizabeth ?? From census records I think he had a sister Martha Hewlett Permain, and two brothers, George and John. Emily Halbeards family appear interesting....but that's a whole other post for another day!

Am practising patience while awaiting the 1911 ........................

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New Website - Photographers 1840 - 1940

I Just found this, looks like it could be very useful if you have any old photo's or photographers in the family!


A website about the photographers of Great Britain and Ireland from 1840 to 1940, their photographs, their studios and their customers.

Get information from the world’s largest collection of British and Irish carte de visite photographs and from the results of over 30 years of trade directory and census research.

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More 1911 Census News

Good news for anyone who is worried their credits will run out before the county they are waiting for comes online.....it looks like Find My Past are going to extend your credits.....but only if you email them........details here http://blog.1911census.co.uk/2009/02/credit-extension-for-those-waiting-for-remaining-counties/

Q - Where would I be without the list?

A - A lot more stuck than I am!

I really can't recommend enough joining up to Rootsweb Mailing Lists for the area(s) you are researching.

Not only do you get a lot of great and helpful advice, the people I've met so far have been great in helping to piece together details from my tree by helping to search, local knowledge, or looking things up for you!!

If you're a bit stuck or just want some advice or confirmation you are looking along the right lines in your tree, give them a go!! The Link is in the left sidebar, or click here http://lists.rootsweb.ancestry.com/